Classic Frames & Prints

Our Gallery Range represents timeless masterpieces, always in vogue, always classy!

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Take your pick from this display panel (shown below) in our studio and decide which frame will best suit your needs.

As always, we are here to help and assist you. A good starting point is of course to take a few pictures of your room where you intend to display these images, and bring then along when viewing. You can save them on a SD card or a USB stick and we will be able to bring them up on our monitor.

Depending on the style of your room, between us, we should be able to work together and decide on something that will be suitable for your home and adorn your walls for many many years to come.

Once our photos are printed onto quality photographic paper and framed, they will form a 'work of art' which can be handed down from one generation to another.

We feel that framed photos should not be seen as an expense but as an investment of you and your loved ones. Quality framed prints bring a sense of pride and happiness each time you and your family view them.


Memories fade quickly over a period of time, so it is best to capture them now, especially where children are involved as they grow up too fast!