Cherishing beautiful memories!

Now you have had your photos beautifully taken by us, why not get them framed to create those stunning masterpieces which you can proudly display around your home!

Your beautifully framed photos will bring a simile to your face each time you look at them. Any cost will more than outweigh the great pleasure which you and others will derive from them.

Consider our wall art as an investment, something which you can hand down to future generations. 

Capture those lovely memories today  with Portraits & More before they become just a distant memory!


A few weeks after your photo shoot, you will be invited to view a magical slideshow in our viewing gallery room. After the viewing, we will be on hand to help you build up your own framed photos right in front of your very own eyes. you will be able to select your favourite images, frames and mounts to produce mock-ups just like you see below! 


Oak 1

Black/Silver 3

Thin Black 5

Confetti White 24

Confetti Black 25

Natural Oak 16

Thin Swept Black 42

Thick Swept Black 41

Simply Black 70

Patina Flat Black 33

Essential Black 100

Essential Dark 101

Essential Bronze 102

Essential Mahogany 103

Essential Light 104

Cheltenham Gold 256

Westminster Gold 272

Ferossa Bronze 90

Overall frame size is 24" x 24" includes 1 x 21"x13"  and 3 x 6"x6" . Printed on luxury luster

photo paper plus frame (Thick Swept Grey) as well as grey mount and acrylic glazing. Supplied with wall hanging kit.

Standard Mounts

Textured Mounts

Bright White 8977

Vanilla 8701

Mushroom 8044

Morning Dew 8633

Apple Green 8411

Light Blue 8051

Mid Blue 8053

Smoke 8026

Brown 8005

Black 8011

Silver/Grey 8808

Dark Brown 8007

Rust 8175

Football Red 9699

Yellow 8695

Olive 8032

Royal Blue 8054

Ocean Blue 8686

White 8223

Alabaster 8145

Cream 8213

Brick 8814

Elise Green 8618

Euro Grey 8491

Alpine Blue 8168

Sea Blue 8166

Castile Ivory 8662

Aragon Grey 8664

Textured Mounts

Overall frame size is 13" x 34" includes 3 x 9"x9" prints on luxury luster

photo paper plus frame (Black/Silver 3) as well as light blue top mount and acrylic glazing. Supplied with wall hanging kit.

Images can also be rotated for a panoramic layout.

Overall frame size is 24" x 20" includes 1 x 16"x12"  image. Printed on luxury luster

photo paper plus frame (Thick Gold Leaf) as well as textured aragon grey mount and acrylic glazing. Supplied with wall hanging kit.


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