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Actor/Media Headshots


What is a head shot?

As the name suggests, a head shot is a photograph of a person's head. Traditionally, a head shot is a photo taken from the shoulders upwards, essentially a picture of your head and neck, with perhaps a little bit of shoulder shown, too. A head shot is designed to give a good perspective, or provide a good idea, of what a person really looks like. 

A head shot is used for many reasons, and most commonly these days  for clean and crisp looking photos for business-related social media  such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as for Corporate ID's, Annual Reports, Corporate Events, Presentations etc.

In the entertainment business, a head shot is distributed to promote actors or actresses. Casting directors use these photos as a way to see who they might want to hire for work in their next production. 

Your head shot forms a very important part of your resume so it is vital that it is professional, of good quality and honest. For this reason, we at Portraits & More generally prefer not to retouch your head shots too much. A small amount of foundation powder works wonders and helps to alleviate unnecessary shine and makes the skin appear smoother and evens out the skin tone. Foundation powder may be applied by women or men for photography. 

Head Shots for Businesses & Actors
We can offer head shots in our studio in Romford, Essex by prior arrangement, Monday-Friday. To book your appointment, please call us weekdays on 01708-731295 or out of office hours on 0798-509 3738. You can also email us. We may also be able to carry out head shots on site/business/office but extra charges will apply.


Price for head shots £99.00+VAT per person = £118.80 (Introductory offer)

  • Ideal for Business, Corporate Events, Social Media Profiles, Website, Talent & Casting Agencies etc.

  • Up to 30-45 minute session

  • 1 x Change of outfit (Changing room available with + mirrored dressing table with lights)

  • White or Grey Background (Other background available at as options)

  • 6 x  8x10" high resolution images in colour for print use (Downloads only)
    6 x  8x10" high resolution images in black and white for print use (Downloads only)

  • Prints available at extra cost, please enquire.

  • Basic post production – removal of spots and minor skin blemishes

  • Enhanced post production available at extra cost of £15.00+VAT per image

  • Images will be delivered within 3-5 working days

  • Images will be seen and selected by the individual during the shoot to save time on the image selection process

  • £25.00+VAT is payable when making a booking with the balance payable on the day of the headshot

  • 12 Images ( colour and same six in black and white) to download for just £99.00+VAT. Normally, this would cost £100's of pounds as our high resolution images are currently priced at £30.00 per image. This is a limited time offer and can end without any prior notice.

  • We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa (Credit or Debit Card). A full VAT receipted invoice will be issued upon receipt of full payment. This will allow VAT registered businesses to reclaim the VAT element. An acknowledgement for the deposit paid will be emailed to you the same day. Payment will be made to our parent company 'Creative Printers of London'. Creative Printers of London have been established since 1986.

The importance of head shots  for actors

If you're a working actor or are trying to become one, you're more than likely familiar with the need for a good head shot. It is just what it sounds like: a close-up shot of your face. Casting directorsproducerswriters, and directors use head shots to get a quick look at actors to see if they have the right physical attributes for a given role.

Your head shot usually will have two components: an 8x10 close-up picture of your face and a copy of your resume, sometimes also referred to as your list of credits. Your picture can be either colour or black-and-white, but colour head shots are becoming more common.

Getting an acting gig starts by getting in the door of a casting director's office. Regardless of how great your acting skills are if you don't have a head shot to use as your calling card, no one might ever know you exist. Make sure to give your head shot the attention it deserves.

Use a Professional

Your head shot should be taken by a professional photographer. You want it to put you in the best light possible—literally. Lighting is key to having a good head shot, and amateur head shots are pretty obvious. Portraits & More can help you with great head shots that will stand out and get noticed.

Consider Your Pose

The pose in your head shot is important because you want it to exude your personality. Those looking at your head shot should be able to discern the kind of actor or person you are simply by taking a glance at the photo. If you're a comic actor, for example, make sure your pose isn't dour, sad, or angry.

Have a couple different versions of your head shot, such as one with you smiling and a more serious one. This way, you can send different versions of your head shot depending on the type of project.

What You Should Wear

Wear a solid colour in your head shot. You want people to focus on your face and what you look like rather than on what you're wearing or what might be going on behind you. This is why photographers usually choose to shoot head shots up against a wall or some other solid background.

It doesn't matter if the head shot is glossy or matte. The important thing is that you look like the person in the picture. Casting directors find out what you look like when they meet you, so don't surprise them by providing them with something that sets up improper expectations. For this reason, we do minimum retouching but can remove any spots or blemishes upon request.

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