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Photos you'll love  ... with memories for life

High quality photography  for the discerning client

At Portraits & More, we bring a breath of fresh air to studio photography. Our photo shoots are bright, clean, crisp and engaging. We do things differently from an average photographer. We are all about producing high-quality images, prints and wall art for our discerning clients without the 'High Street' prices. 

Our clients appreciate quality and are often looking for portraits that can adorn their walls for many decades to come, without losing quality or clarity. In our photographic lab, we only use the finest print media and up-to-date printing techniques. 

We can enhance your photos by offering a partial or an optional full retouching service, from removing unwanted spots and blemishes to smoothing or lightening skin.

Furthermore, we use high-end cameras and professional lighting to give you prints and wall art which you can truly be proud of for many years to come and hand down to future generations.

Our photographers are experienced and friendly people. Our job is to put you at ease and catch those natural expressions that make for a great photo!

If you appreciate quality, then talk to us without any obligation and we will be happy to help.

Family Portraits in Romford

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Family Photoshoot in Romford
Romford Photogrphc Studio
Treat yourself or your loved ones

You work hard and owe it to yourself to have the occasional treat - and nothing beats than having a professional portrait of yourself or your loved ones.  A high-quality portrait will last you for many decades and bring you joy and pleasure each time you glance at it. Furthermore,  quality framed photos can be handed down as heirlooms from one generation to the next thus keeping the family history going.


Our studio is fully equipped with the latest high spec cameras,
lighting and backdrops


A headshot is used for many reasons, and most commonly these days  for clean and crisp looking photos for business-related social media  such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email signatures.

Your headshot forms a very important part of your resume so it is vital that it is professional, of good quality and honest - and this is where we can help you.

If you are actor/actress, we can help to lift up your profile by producing eye-catching photos, that will get noticed.

Our other clients include law firms, accountants, business people etc. We can carry out headshots onsite, please enquire.

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Confident Businessman