School & Graduation Photos

Children grow up so fast and having regular school photos taken is one sure way of capturing those images.

However, having had two children go though schooling, I cannot help but feel that school photoshoot sessions  feel a bit rushed? It is very much like a conveyor belt operation and sometimes, children do not always look their best if that makes sense.

Children's features change every year and it is nice to be able to capture professional photos of them without them feeling rushed.

At Portraits & More, we can take professional photos of your child in their school uniform.  They will have time  to look immaculate and we can photograph them in different poses, with different backgrounds. We can take photos of them reading their books, working on their laptop, playing a musical instrument (if they have one) etc.

Children grow up so quickly at the blink of any eye and we feel that it is a good investment to have their photos professionally taken in our studio where they will not feel rushed.

We can also photograph graduates (Graduate photography). You son or daughter is welcome to have a photo taken on their own or with family members. It is a proud moment for your child as well as yourselves as parents, guardian or carers. We cannnot reverse time, so it makes sense to get professional photos taken before they simply become a memory.